Business Environment

Environmental and climate change have now become issues with a direct effect on business. The three dimensions of sustainable development – the economy, the environment and social infrastructure are inextricably linked and policy actions in one of these areas are bound to have impacts on the others.

Within the climate change agenda, Governments and international governance organisations are developing policies and measures to make the transition to low carbon economies, and to meet international commitments to emission reduction targets.

Within the broader environment agenda, policies and actions are being taken to recognize our resource-constrained world. We need to take care of biodiversity, ecosystems, and land use, and we need to minimize emissions to land, air and water.

These measures will not only affect enterprises of all sizes and sectors, but they will also provide new business and employment opportunities:

  • Firstly for those industries that either contract, adapt or emerge as a consequence of these policies and measures
  • Secondly for those industries in the supply chain of the first level industries where there will be changes in business costs and/or consumer sentiment.

The IOE focuses on the employment and social dimensions of the changes and advocates that policy developments must anticipate and incorporate these influences over business and market behaviour.

The IOE is committed to monitoring and influencing the employment and social policy dimensions of sustainable development, environment, climate change and green jobs to:

  • Inform members about the developments
  • Help analyse the implications for enterprises
  • Provide an effective employer advocate in international forums